The Ezik i Literatura [Language and Literature] journal publishes papers mostly in Bulgarian. Articles dealing with specific topics of interest to a wider range of readers from abroad may be published in English or Russian but they should be accompanied by more extensive abstracts in Bulgarian.

There are no restrictions on the volume of the papers but we recommend that they do not exceed 50 000 computer characters. Book and conference reviews should not be longer than six standard pages.
Each paper submitted for publication is expected to have the following elements:
1. Name(s) of the author(s)
2. Affiliation of the author(s)
3. E-mail address of the author(s)
4. Title of the paper in Bulgarian
5. Abstract in Bulgarian (for the electronic version)
6. Keywords (5) in Bulgarian (for inclusion in the electronic version)
7. Title of the paper in English
8. Name(s) of the author(s) with Latin transliteration
9. Abstract in Enlgish or another language
10. Keywords (5) in English
11. Text of the paper in Bulgarian
12. Literature cited
13. Short biographical and bibliographical information on the author(s).

The Ezik i Literatura journal is included in several international databases. For this purpose, papers that do not follow the technical layout criteria, including the format for bibliographical references will not be accepted for publication.

In the body of the paper the bibliographical references should be given by a code, consisting of a number that corresponds to the number of the book/article in the section Literature quoted plus page number, for instance ([6]: 12─16). The pages numbers should be written in Arabic numerals and separated by a dash without spaces on both sides. At the end of the paper a reference list should be provided in alphabetical order of the families of the authors, Cyrillic and Roman titles being separated. Each reference in the bibliographic list should start with a number placed in square brackets, e.g. [6], which corresponds to item 6 in the body of the text. Thus the code acquires the following final appearance: e.g.

Examples of References
I. Paper in a Volume:
[8] Митев, Й. Убийството на д-р Райко Даскалов в Прага и отношението на чехословашката общественост към последвалия политически процес. В: Чехословакия и България през вековете. София, БАН, 1963, с. 221–235.
[5] Дроснева, Е. Храброто списание, Кьопен, Мустаков и ... В: Митев, Пл., Рачева, В. (Съст.) Балкански измерения на фамилията Мустакови. София, УИ „Св. Климент Охридски“, 2008, с. 150–172.
[19] Wollman, F. Drumevuv „Ivanko“ a Fričuv „Asenjuv pad“. In: Sbornik praci venovanych prof. dr. Vaclavu Tillovi k sedesatym narozeninam. Praha, „Orbis“, 1927, s. 231–240.
II. Paper in a Periodical:
[8] Станчева, Р. Проектите за научна граматика на българския език. // Език и литература, 2007, № 3–4, с. 143–159.
[2] Bílek, P. A. Můj literární kánon: knihy, které v mé čtenářské zkušenosti vytvářejí obraz české literatury. // Host, 2007, No 23, s. 43–45.
[21] Schwartz, B., Schuman, H. History, Commemoration and Belief: Abraham Lincoln in American Memory, 1945–2001. // American Sociological Review, 2005, No 70, p. 183–203.
[16] Smith, J. History, wars and winds. // British Sociological Review, 2013, Vol. 4, No 77, p. 133–143.
III. Α Bοοκ:
[7] Иречек, К. История на българите с добавки и поправки от самия автор. София, „Изток–Запад“, 2015, 420 с.
[11] Кювлиева, В. Българското речниково дело през Възраждането. София, АК „Проф. М. Дринов“, 1997, 337 с.
[12] Fowler, R. Linguistic Criticism. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1986, 190 pp.
[21] Schischkov, G. Peter Beron (1798–1871). Forscherdrang aus dem Glauben an die geschichtliche Sendung der Slawen. Meisenheim/Glan, Verlag Anton Hain, 1971, 176 S.

The papers quoted should be closely related to the topic of the paper, preferably the most recent ones. Self-citation should be avoided, of inevitable, the references should be given in footnotes and not in the list of literature quoted.