Issue 3–4/2020


The Bulgarian Language
and the School Education


Boian Valtchev
Non scholae sed vitae discimus
pp. 812
Aneta Stoyanova
The Bulgarian Language and the National External Evaluation in the Bulgarian Language and Literature for the 7th Grade
pp. 1325
Katya Issa
Bulgarian Sunday School in Sydney, Australia Institution and Reality
pp. 2647
Katya Issa
Bulgarian Emigrant Language in the 19th and 21th Centuries:
Similarities and Differences
pp. 4869
Juliana Stoyanova
Word Order in Childrens Early Utterances: Linguistic and Psycholinguistic Issues
pp. 7086
Rumjana Ivanova-Kiefer
Epic Narrative and Romantic Suspense in Ivan Vazov´s Trilogy
Chichovci, Pod Igoto and Nova Zemy
pp. 8799
Regina Koycheva
Sursum corda! by Stoyan Mihaylovski: The Recast Contexture
pp. 100111
Stefka Karaivanova
The Modern Concept of Artistic according to the Members of the Bulgarian Literary Circle Thought
pp. 112121
arin Damianov
Andrej Tarkovskijs Solaris: Human, All Too Human
pp. 122133
riy Deyanova
About the Mixed Complex Sentences in the Language of Slavo-Bulgarian History
pp. 134144
Stefka Petrova
Reflections on the Development of Language
pp. 145151
Ekaterina Dikova
vs. Ludo: Towards the Etymology of the Root -
pp. 152161
Veronika Shalagin, Georgy Shalagin
To the Issue of the Development of Passive Participles in the Bulgarian Language
pp. 162176
Ina Vishogradska
he Coda in the Phonotactic Field
Consonant Distribution
pp. 177189


Anna Angelova
a Masterpiece Book
pp. 190193


Elena Kotseva
A Memory from the War
pp. 194205

Book Reviews

Jonka Najdenova
Between Sociolinguistics and Foreign Language Teaching
pp. 206209
Temenuga Trampnau
The Second Volume of the Novel Ivan Kondarev Translated to German
pp. 209210
Juliana Stoyanova
Cooperation with Long Traditions
pp. 210212
Our Authors pp. 213214