Issue 3–4/2018


Bulgarian Studies in Croatia, Crotian Studies in Bulgaria


Boian Valtchev
Our Neighbours and We. Reflections on the Term "Serbo-Croatian" (Only in Bulgarian)
pp. 89
Svetlozar Eldarov, Antoaneta Balcheva
The Research on the Bulgarian-Croatian Relations throughout the Centuries in the Institute of Balkan Studies & Center of Tracology Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
pp. 1026
Ina Hristova
Aspects of the Reception of Bulgarian Literature in Croatia after 1989
pp. 2741
Elena Daradanova
Croatian Womens Poetry in the First Decade of the 21st Century
pp. 4254
Antoaneta Balcheva
Aspects of Modernity in the Literary-Aesthetic Searches of Bulgarians and Croats from the Early Twentieth Century
pp. 5563
Marijana Bijelić
The Aesthetics of Grotesque as an Aesthetics of Social Crisis in the Novel The Mole by Boris Hristov
pp. 6476
Vjekoslava Jurdana, Evelina Grozdanova
Hodi Bratko, Sedi, Da L Razberaš Što T Govorim: About the Bulgarians and Bulgaria from the Pen of Two Croatians in Constantinople
pp. 7794
Najda Ivanova
The Catechesis as a Polemical Genre in the Debates on the Croatian Literary Language in the 19th Century
pp. 95112
Florence Graham
An Analysis of the Orthography of Three Eighteenth-Century Paulician Manuscripts Written in Latin Script
pp. 113122
Iskra Hristova-Shomova
The Lection of Epistle of St. Apostle Paul to Romans 1:1-12 in the Second Beram Breviary
pp. 123-134
Margaret Dimitrova
Song of Solomon 2:14b in Medieval Slavonic Manuscripts: Translators Approaches
pp. 135150
Suzana Marjanić
Post-mortal Soul and Zoomorphic Code Comparison of Croatian and Bulgarian Ethno-traditions, and Overview of the Present Situation
pp. 151164
Dimka Savova
Verbs with the Element si in the Croatian Language
pp. 165177
Rositsa Stefcheva
Theoretical and Methodological Problems in the Description of Modal Particles in the Bulgarian and Croatian Languages
pp. 178194
Simeon Stefanov
Lexis in Šibenska Molitva
Glotometric analysis
pp. 195208
Iliana Chekova
Slavic Saints in Cyrillic Manuscripts in Croatia
pp. 209224


Lilija Ilieva
The Bulgarian Prototype of the Supplment (1822) to St. Petersburg Comparative Dictionaries
(Cod. Kop. 31, National and University Library, Ljubljana)
pp. 225234
Cod. Kop. 31 (facsimile)
Kopitar's collection at the National and University Library in Ljubljana
pp. 235253

Svetlana Slavkova
Aspectual Value or Temporal-Aspectual Meaning?
On the realization of the general-factual meaning in the Bulgarian language
pp. 254267
Antoaneta Alipieva
Vera Mutafchievas Feministic Theme
pp. 268276
Kamen Rikev
We Are not What You See! or On the Inevitable Stereotypes of Bulgaria and Bulgarians Abroad
Philological Observations
pp. 277285
Maria Grigorova
With Pretensions to Legal Competence
pp. 286295

Book Reviews

Whole Texsts only in Bulgarian

Literary Split
Elena Daradanova about an Issue of the Journal
pp. 296299
New Standards in Teaching Croatian and Serbian
Rositsa Stefcheva about by T. Dunkova and B. Vasić
pp. 300304
New Studies of Croatian Glagolitic Culture
Simeon Stefanov about Hrvatsko glagoljaštvo u europskom okružju (Zagreb, Staroslvnski institut, 2015, ISBN 978-953-6080-20-5, Eds. Vesna Badurina-Stipčević, Sandra Požar, Franjo Velčić)
pp. 304309
Dictionary of Croatian Animalistic Idioms
Rositsa Stefcheva about Rječnik hrvatskih animalističkih frazema (Zagreb, Školska knjiga, d.d., 2017, 243 s.) by Ivana Vidović Bolt, Branka Barčot, Željka Fink Arsovski, Barbara Kovačević, Neda Pintarić, Ana Vasung
pp. 309311
New Studies in Lexicology and Lexicography of Slavic Languages
Ivan Kassabov about (Moscow, Leksrus 2015, Ed. . I. Chernisheva)
pp. 312314


International Conference on Medieval Breviaries pp. 315318