Issue 3–4/2017


Linguistic Parliament


Boian Valtchev
Spelling, Spelling Regulators, Literacy, Illiteracy, School, and Functional Illiteracy
pp. 8–22
Aneta Stoyanova
The Language Situation in Our Country Today – Do the Orthography Rules Serve the Community or Just on the Contrary?
pp. 23–38
Stefka Petrova
Induced Thoughts Regarding the Punctuation in the Bulgarian Language
pp. 39–54
Lyudmila Kirova
On the Innovative Construction [N1 N2] and Its Relation to the Way of Writing – Connected, Semi-Connected, and Separate
pp. 55–74
Vanya Koleva, Kiril Hadzhiev
On the Language and Structure of the Website of an Institution of Higher Education
pp. 75–98
Galina Iontcheva
About the Punctuation Marks in the Modern Greek Language
pp. 99–104


From „Основни и второстепенни въпроси из новобългарската граматика (Поправки и допълнения към г. Балановата „Българска граматика“) by Stefan Mladenov pp. 105–107

Dietmar Endler
Bulgarian Literature in East Germany – a Closed Page (?)
pp. 108–132
Plamen Antov
1762. Paisiy and Rousseau: The Shadow of Vazov
pp. 133–146
Martina Yankova
Old Redaction Texts for the First Sunday of Lent
pp. 147–154
Amber Ivanov
The Passio Romana of Saints Kosmas and Damianos in Medieval South-Slavic Tradition
pp. 155–166
Desislava Uzunova
The Story of Theophilos of Adana in South Slavonic Manuscript Tradition
pp. 168–176
Nina Topalska, Dimitrina Ignatova-Tzoneva
Metonymic Conceptualization of Basic Concepts of Human Life in the Old Testament Wisdom Books
pp. 177–188
Marina Vladeva
The Lament for Youth in Borisav Stanković’s Koštana and in Yordan Yovkov’s Bozhura
pp. 189–201
Margarita Terzieva
The Connection between Cinema and School in Bulgaria (1914–1930) in the Eyes of Writers and Theoretical Pedagogues
pp. 202–209
Valentin Stoyanov
Feast Day, Community, and Individual through the Eyes of Elin Pelin, Yovkov, and Chudomir
pp. 210–222
Ilina Luleyska
An Unexplored Written Source from the End of the 19th Century Contribution to the Semantics of Words Denoting Clothes
pp. 223–232


Anna Angelova
The Dissertation of Dr. Petar Beron
pp. 233–238

Book Reviews

Whole Texsts only in Bulgarian

Vladimir Donev
On the Literary Critical Portrait and Self-Portrait About „Световете на литературата. Разговори със Светлозар Игов“ by Antonia Velkova-Gaydarjieva
pp. 239–244
Nonka Bogomilova
Philosophy Intuition in the Works of Yodan Yovkov About „Трагедия и автентичност. Философските интуиции за смисъла на битието в художественото творчество на Йордан Йовков“ by Nikolay Turlakov
pp. 245–246
Antoaneta Buyuklieva
The Artist: Between the Heaven of High Spirituality and the Hell of Everyday Being About „Маргиналът – присъстващата фигура на отсъстващия“ by Marina Vladeva
pp. 247–249
Stefka Petrova
The Literature of Our Neighbours About „Двадесет и първият“ by Tomislav Osmanli and „Кадифеният покров“ by Olivera Nikolova
pp. 250–253
Kamen Rikev
About Lublin Academic Journal „Zeszyty Cyrylo-Metodiańskie“
pp. 254–257
Maria Zozikova
The Name as a Component of Media Image of the Politician About „Имена и люди. Ключевые имена в медиадискурсе“ by Lilyana Tsoneva
pp. 258–261
Alla Gradinarova
The Bulgarian Language Syntax: In a Comprehensible Manner about a Complicated Matter About „Български език. Синтаксис и пунктуация“ and „Безсъюзните сложни изречения в съвременния български книжовен език“ by Ivan Nedev
pp. 261–264