Issue 3–4/2014






Boian Valtchev
Fish Primer – the Message
pp. 8–10
Petar Beron
Preface of Fish Primer (Facsimile)
pp. 11–20
Ivan Radev
Dr. Petar Beron and the First Educational Project in Bulgaria
pp. 21–31
Nikoleta Patova
“Bukvar s razlichni poucheniya”: Between Universal and Patriotic Messages
pp. 32–38
Sirma Danova
Fish Primer: “Nurture of Social Animals”
pp. 39–47
Niya Radeva
Fish Primer and the Bulgarian Grammars from the 1830s
pp. 48–62
Nadka Nikolova
Brasov Philological Society in the 1820s and Standard Language Doctrines of Bulgarian National Revival
pp. 63–74
Yulia Nikolova
Vasil Nenovich– the Sponsor of Fish Primer
pp. 75–84
Kamen Mihajlov
Aleksandar Exarch’s and Petar Beron’s Ideas about the Foundation
of Bulgarian Education
pp. 85–90
Rumiana Damianova
From “Razni i polezni nastavlenija…” [Various Useful Instructions...]
to “Nauka za …” [Science for...]: Educational Ideas of Petar Odzhakov
pp. 91–98
Adelina Strandzheva
How Was History of Culture Thought in Plovdiv Eparchial Bulgarian School
in the 1860s An Unresearched Handwritten Textbook by Yoakim Gruev
pp. 99–106
Nedka Kapralova
The Sponsorship of Six Textbooks in Geography from the First Half
of the 19th Century
pp. 107–113
Slavka Keremidchieva
The Discovery of Vatroslav Oblak– the Most Significant Event
in the Slavonic Philology in 19th Century
pp. 114–118
Petia Todorova
Theories of Intertextuality Development of the Concept
of “Intertextuality” in the 1970s to 1980s
pp. 119–131
Maya Veleva
The Irony in the Current Media Discourse
pp. 132–140
Pavlina Kantscheva
In Addition to the Unwritten History
of the Intrernational Sociolinguistic Society – Sofia
pp. 141–149
Radoslav Tsonev
The Conjunction pa in the Bulgarian Colloquial Speech
pp. 150–164
Hristo Kyuchukov
Cohesion in Narratives in Bulgarian Made by 5th-Grade Students
with Turkish as Mother Tongue
pp. 165–173

Book Reviews

Rumiana Rusinova about the Book „Езиковедски щрихи и етюди“
[Lingustic Notes and Studies] by Mihail Videnov
pp. 174–178
Emilia Pernishka about the Book „Камбаната на сърцето“
[The Bell of the Heart] by Konstantin Popov
pp. 179–180
Maria Popova about the Book „Езиково и сградостроителство“
[Linguistic and Building Construction] by Katya Issa
pp. 180–182
Elena Tacheva about the Book „Култура, история, поезия. Надежда Драгова и Първан Стефанов в българската култура и наука“ [Culture, History, and Poetry: Nadezhda Dragova and Parvan Stefanov in Bulgarian
Culture and Science]
pp. 183–185
Veronika Kampf about the Book „Die gelbe Villa im Weyertal“ pp. 185–187
Kiril Popov about the Book „Художествена неология“
[Literary Neology] by Nely Nedyalkova
pp. 187–188
Plamen Shulikov about the Book „Божествената математика:
Тревожната хетероклитност на българския символизъм“
[The Divine Mathematics: The Worrisome Heretoclitism of Bulgarian Symbolism] by Yordan Eftimov
pp. 189–195


70 Years Union of the Scientists in Bulgaria pp. 196–197
Samokov 2014: Eighth Tsar-Shishman Days pp. 197–201
A Conference, dedicated to the Work of Nikolay Haytov pp. 201–202

Our Authors

pp. 203–208