Issue 1–2/2020



Margaret Dimitrova
Nineteenth-Century Handwritten Heritage
pp. 810
Andrey Bobev
The Manuscript Sources for the Veneration of the Holy Seven Enlighteners of the Slavs in the Holy Monastery of Zographou
pp. 1136
Desislava Uzunova
The Reception of the Narratives of the Cycle Miracles of the Theotokos y Agapios Landos According to a Handwritten Copy of Joakim Kurchovskis Translaton
pp. 3740
Marija-Ana Dürrigl
A Croatian Glagolitic Notebook from the Early Nineteenth Century
pp. 4151
Rosen R. Malchev, Ivo Bratanov
A Homily and Heroic Poetry
Two 1880 Handwritten Texts Keptin the Holy Trinity Church in the Village of Yugovo, Plovdiv Municipality
pp. 5271
Mila Krasteva
Gerovs Copy of Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya. Spiritual Memory
pp. 7286
Lachezar Perchekliyski, Mariana Kerandzhieva
Nouns Denoting Persons in Ahtars Tsarstvenik from 1844
pp. 8798
Maria Deyanova
Dospei Native Speech of Paisii Hilendarski and the Dialect in the Villages in Samokov Palakaria
pp. 99107
Georgi Mitrinov
A Manuscript from the National Revival Period Kept in the Town of Sliven
pp. 108124
Magdalena Abadzhieva
Nineteenth-Century Manuscripts of the Bulgarian Catholics
pp. 125132
Tzvetan Y. Radulov
The Handwritten Heritage of the Nineteenth Century and the Impact of Printing
Trends in the generation and preservation of handwritten documents
pp. 133143
Margaret Dimitrova
The Spelling and Language of Three Handwritten Bulgarian Documents of 1888
pp. 144161


Anna Angelova
A Handwritten Greek-Bulgarian Dictionary from the Nineteenth Century
pp. 162164
Aleksandar S. Pejčić
The Patriarchal Culture in Literary Works of Ljuben Karavelov Written in Serbian Language
pp. 165178
Krasimir Kabakčiev
On Some of the Fundamental Errors in Bulgarian Grammars: The Alleged Absence of an Independent Use of the Imperfect Active Participle
pp. 179194


Maria Mitskova
Zografski Sabornik An Example of a Fruitful Collaboration of the Holy Monastery of Zographou and Academic Community
pp. 195201
Maurice N. Fadel
Between Long Sentences and Short Verbal Formulas
pp. 201205


Desislava Uzunova, Delyan Rusev
The Clothing in the Bulgarian Lands in the Past
pp. 206210

In memoriam

Marcel Černý
Lyubomila Solenkova 19762019
pp. 211217
Our Authors pp. 218219