Issue 1–2/2019


The Return of Boris Yotsov
in the Slavistics


Rumyana Damyanova
Why Schould We Read Boris Yotsov?
A Scientific Project
pp. 918
Dobromir Grigorov
Non-empirical Arguments of the History
Boris Yotsovs Philosophy of History
pp. 1933
Svetla Strashimirova
The Ideas of Boris Yotsov in the Journal Rodina (19381942)
pp. 3438
Nedka Kapralova
Boris Yotsovs Research on Bulgarians Who Studied in Prague in the 19th Century
(Family Goranov)
pp. 3944
Nikoleta Patova
Boris Yotsov as Director of the National Theatre in Sofia
pp. 4553
Andriana Spassova
The Speaking Archive: Boris Yotsov
pp. 5465
Nikolay Zhelev
Documents from and for Boris Yotsov in Archives, Libraries, and Other Collections
pp. 6668
Mariya Kitanova
The Boris Yotsov Project at the XVI International Congress of Slavists
in Belgrade (

pp. 6973


(Only in Bulgarian)

From the Manuscript Heritage of Boris Yotsov
Moths in the State
pp. 7478
Moments from the Life of Boris Yotsov
pp. 7984
Mirena Slavova
The Ancient Diathesis and Its Metamorphoses in the Bulgarian Grammars from the Period of the Bulgarian National Revival
pp. 85118
Mariana Tsibranska-Kostova
The History of Prov in the Apocryph about the Holy Tree in a Moldavian 16th Century Manuscript
pp. 119132
Georgi Mitrinov
Is the Damaskin Kept in the Archives of the Expert on the Rhodopes Stoyu N. Shishkov of Rhodopean Origin?
pp. 133143
Olga Saveska
The Manifesto of the Society for the Battle against Poets: The Last Dadaist Blow by the Yambol Avant-Gardists
pp. 144151
Ivana Davitkov
The Aorist and Imperfect Tenses in Serbian and Bulgarian Languages Meaning and Uses
pp. 152168

Book Reviews

(Only in Bulgarian)

A New Book on Bulgaria Russia Connections: Problematization
of the Closeness

Dechka Chavdarova about R. Damyanova and I. Kaliganov (Eds.) (Vղ ).
pp. 169172
A Thorough and Systematic Study of Ahtarovs Tsarstvenik
Niya Radeva about 1844 .
by Lachezar Perchekliyski
pp. 173175
A New Study of Early Incunabula in the Context of the Bulgarian Book
and Language History

Valentin Geshev about Od inkunabułów do pierwszych gramatyk. Konteksty rozwoju bułgarskiego języka literackiego (koniec XV początek XVII wieku) by Ivan Petrov
pp. 175178
Studies of the New Trends in the Study of Psychology of Language
Krasimira Petrova about New Trends in the Psychology of Language. LINCOM Studies in Language Acquisition and Bilingualism 02. 2016
pp. 178183
Our Authors pp. 184