Issue 1–2/2018




A Modern and Rapidly Developing Academic Field Juliana Stoyanova pp. 8
Ewa M. Dryll, Barbara Bokus
Childrens and Adolescents Comprehension of Metaphors Describing People
pp. 926
Juliana Stoyanova
Individual Variations in Verbal Development: Bulgaria, 21th Century
pp. 2752
Velka Popova
Modal Verbs in the Early Ontogenesis of the Bulgarian Language
pp. 5374
Tatiana Aleksieva
Pronominal Placeholders in Russian Spontaneous Discourse
pp. 7586
Dimitar Popov
Linguistic Personology through Speech: Theory, Methodology and Practice
The Embodiment Voice
pp. 87102
Mirena Patseva
Psycholinguistic Perspective on Accentuation in the Bulgarian Language
pp. 103118
Krassimira Petrova
Psycholinguistic Mechanisms for Word Identification in Crosswords
pp. 119129
Piotr Kałowski, Łukasz Malanowski
Verbal Irony Research: the Role of Speaker-Addressee Gender and Stimulus Modality
pp. 130142
Andreana Eftimova
Lexical Means Signalling Trust-Worthiness of Media Contents
A Psycholinguistic Experiment
pp. 143153
Marin Damyanov
Twins in Bulgarian Cinema Interpretations of the Doppelgänger
pp. 154167

170 Years from the Birth of Christo Botev
Tania Laleva
In Search of a Key to Botevs Poetry
pp. 168173
140 Years from the Birth of Peyo Yavorov
Ventzeslav Scholtze
Singularity and Undecidability.
The Political Implications of Yavorovs Poetry
pp. 174180

Book Reviews

(Only in Bulgarian)

Rozalina Engels-Kritidis
Development and Learning in Yearly Childhood with a Focus on the Language and Communication
About the book ( )
pp. 181186
Rumelina Vassileva
The Potential of the Belated Return to Early Bulgarian Modernity
About the Book :
pp. 186190
Vanya Georgieva
A Contribution to the Author of Textbooks Yoakim Gruev
About by Adelina Strandzheva
pp. 190193
Diana Atanassova
New Sources, Interpretations, and Approaches in Medieval Slavonic Studies
About the Book Vis et sapientia: studia in honorem Anisavae Miltenova. ,
pp. 193198
Vanya Koleva
Individualism in Bulgarian Lyrics at the End of the 19th and the Beginning of the 20th Century
About XIX XX by Sava Sivriev
pp. 199200
Velka Popova
Second Language Acquisition? In search for answers
About : by Juliana Stoyanova
pp. 200203

In memoriam

Nely Vassileva (19592018) pp. 204