Issue 1–2/2016




70 Years “Ezik i literatura” pp. 7


Kamen Mihajlov
The “Knowledge about G. Gachev” and the “Beron’s Complex”
p. 8–21
Katya Staneva
Language Games and Verse Collages in the Songbooks of Petko Slaveykov
pp. 22–43
Antoaneta Alipieva
Bulgarian Defeat – “Bloody Blue Star” by Konstantin Petkanov
p. 44–50
Krasimir Hristakiev
Inalkovensoa Rabelais – the Fading Trails of Language
pp. 51–63
Juliana Stoyanova
Diminutives and beyond Them Adriana by Dimitar Dimov
and by Theodora Dimova
pp. 64–90
Gergana Padareva-Ilieva, Sofiya Mitsova
Is the Problem of Pronounciation of [l] as [u] Really a Problem?
p. 91–104
Stefka Petrova
Reflections on the Auxiliary Verb sam ‘to be’ in Modern Bulgarian
p. 105–119
Temenuga Teneva
Do We Hear Your Voices?
The Answers of the Addressee of the Educational Message
p. 120–134
Marija Dejanova
Linguistic and Textual Notes on the Second Samokov Copy
of Paisij of Hilandar’s “Istorija Slavenobolgarskaja” from the 1780s
p. 135–141
Antoniya Velkova-Gaydarzhieva
On Language Experiments and Moral Choices
The Alternative Canon: The Poets by Plamen Dojnov
p. 142–159
Vanya Koleva
The Numbers from One to Thousand and Some Relations Between Subjects
and Objects in Folklore
p. 160–172


Anna Angelova
Meletij Smotritskij’s Grammar: The Copy in the Library of Sofia University (1755)
p. 173–179

In memoriam

Donka Petkanova (1930–2016) p. 180–181
delina Angusheva, Diana Atanasova, Margaret Dimitrova
“Bulgarian Medieval Literary Heritage is My Infinite Love and Passion”
In Conversation with Professor Donka Petkanova
(Dr. Habil., a Recipient of Herder Prize)
p. 182–196

Book Reviews

Iskra Hristova-Shomova
Two-Volume Edition of a Medieval Slavonic Translation
of Isaac the Syrian’s Ascetic Homilies (Cologne)
p. 197–200
Slaveia Dimitrova
Slavic Baroque: Style and Paradigm
p. 201–204
Vanya Koleva
The Creator, the Apples of the Spirit and the Man
in Bilingual Books with Translations by Vladimir Stojanov
p. 204–209
Angelina Vacheva
Reconsidering Stereotypes
p. 209–211
Ekaterina Dikova, Ivan Iliev
A New Study on Indoeuropean Poetics and Bulgarian Folklore
p. 212–213
Steliana Grozdeva
A Perspective towards Logistics through a New Textbook
Focusing on Specialized English
p. 214–215
Boian Valtchev
The Novel “Tarnovo Queen” Translated into German
p. 215–216