Issue 1–2/2015




Margarita Mladenova
The Possession in Czech in Its Initial Period
pp. 827
Pavel Krejcí
Five Brno International Meetings of South Slavonic Languages’
Teachers in Slavonic and Non-Slavonic Contexts
pp. 2833
Marek Jakoubek, Gabriela Fatková
Bulgarian Studies at Anthropology Department
of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
pp. 3445
Elena Krejcova
The Traditions and Current Situation of Teaching Bulgarian Language
in Masaryk University of Brno
pp. 4651
Zornica Cvetkova
Bulgarian for Non-Specialists at Masaryk University in Brno –
Traditions and Innovations in Teaching Today
pp. 5256
Diana P. Ivanova, Borislav Borisov
Jan Vagner and the Promotion of the Bulgarian Language
in Czechia (Late Nineteenth – Early Twentieth Century)
pp. 5770
Dobromir Grigorov
Bohumil Hrabal in the Literary Jukebox
pp. 7179
Vera Kaplická Yakimov
Literary Canon in the Centre of Attention. Discussions on the Canon in Bulgarian and Czech Literary Theories after 1989
pp. 8092
Anjelina Pencheva
Rozervanec or Roztrhanec? Romanticism or Biedermeier?
pp. 93101
Nikoleta Patova
The Plot “Ivanko” after Vasil Drumev’s Drama and Its Czech Projections
pp. 102114
Lyubomila Solenkova
Lyuba Splitkova-Kasarova and Bulgarian-Czechoslovak Interaction
pp. 115126
Iskra Baeva
Jan Rychlík and Bulgarian Historical Chech Studies
pp. 127134
Teodoritschka Gotovska-Henze
P. J. Šafárik and His First Contacts with the South Slavs and Bulgarians
pp. 135155
Slaveia Dimitrova
Heroes and Battles of the Past in the Literature of the Early Czech Revival
pp. 156168
Emiliya Makedonska
The Ideal of the Czech Literary Language during the Period
of the Czech National Revival
pp. 169172
Jana Šupová
The Image of the Family in Czech and Bulgarian
pp. 173181
Nela Martinková
A Comparative View of the Depictions of Leaders
in Czech and Bulgarian Political Communications
pp. 182188
Radost Zelezarova
Interference in Published Translations from Czech to Bulgarian
pp. 189196
Miglena Mihaylova-Palanska
Semantic Variation in Tourism Terminology in Bulgarian and Czech
pp. 197202
Maya Radicheva
Adverbial Meanings of the Instrumental Case (Denoting Manner, Relation
and Quantity) in Old Czech and Their Development in Modern Czech
pp. 203208
Ginka Bakardzhieva
Phrasemes Containing Proper Names in Bulgarian and Czech
pp. 209219
Katerina Tomova
Transpositional Characteristics of Interjections in Bulgarian and Czech
pp. 220228
Yordanka Trifonova
About the Scope and the Classification
of the Chrematonyms in Bulgarian and Czech
pp. 229240
Ani Burova
Stylizations of the Author’s Subject and the Lyrical Self in the Poetry
of Czech Modernism
pp. 241252


Anna Angelova
Jan Amos Komenský and His “Key to the Languages”
pp. 253255


Marcel Cerný, Bozana Niševa
From Hristo Botev to the Threshold of the 21st Century…
Anniversary touches to the portrait of the scholar
in Bulgarian philology Dana Hronková
pp. 256277

Book Reviews

Margarita Mladenova
The Cyrillo-Methodian Mission in Moravia and the Contacts
between Byzantium and Rome
pp. 278284
Ina Hristova
The Literature and the Fragmentized World
pp. 284288
Anjelina Pencheva
Petra Soukupova’s Works Translated into Bulgarian
pp. 288289
Ludmila Uhlírová
A Useful Study: A Juxtaposition and Analysis of Innovative Processes
in Bulgarian and Czech
pp. 290292
Veselina Sinivirska
The Plurality of Literature
pp. 293296
Nadezhda Stoyanova
Bulgarian Diabolism a Century Later
pp. 296297


Cvetanka Avramova
Newly Published Bilingual Dictionaries
pp. 298300


Aleksandra Trifonova
International Conference on the Occasion of the 160th Anniversary
from the Birth of Konstantin Jirecek
pp. 301302
Radost Zelezarova
An Award for Translation
pp. 303304