Issue 1–2/2014




Boian Valtchev
Which Is in Fact the First Bulgarian Grammar?
pp. 7–23
Katya Staneva
Revisiting the Genres and Languages of Self-Recognition
during the Bulgarian National Revival
pp. 24–37
Marijana Bijelic
Aestheticization of Death in Jordan Jovkov’s Short Stories
pp. 38–48
Juliana Stoyanova
Diminutives: Expressing Psychological Point of View
in Pavel Vezhinov’s Works
pp. 50–71
Dietmar Endler
Between Adaption and Self-Assertion Rumjana Zacharieva –
a German Writing Author of Bulgarian Origin
pp. 72–89
Anissava Miltenova
Florilegia: Byzantine Tradition and Medieval Bulgarian Sources
(From the Golden Age to the Time of Tsar Ivan Alexander)
pp. 90–106
Petia Todorova
The Concept of “Intertextuality“ and Its Understanding in Literary Criticism
pp. 107–121
Stanislava Kancheva
Bulgarian Grammatical Roles in the Dependency Grammar Framework
Dependency Syntax
pp. 122–137


Oral Speech in Teaching Bulgarian as Native and Foreign Language pp. 138–160


Lilia Manolova at 75 pp. 161–167

Book Reviews

Margaret Dimitrova about the Book „Служебният апостол в славянската ръкописна традиция. Т. 2. Изследване на синаксарите (Християнските празници в славянските апостоли)“ [Service Apostolos in Slavonic Manuscript Tradition. Vol. 2. Study of Synaxaria (Christian Feasts
in Slavonic Apostoloi)] by Iskra Hristova-Shomova
pp. 168–172
Niya Radeva about the Edition with a Tanslation and Notes of „История славянобългарска“ [Slavo-Bulgarian History] by Paisii of Hilandar pp. 173–175
Jani Milchakov about the Book „И ще господарува мъжът ти
над тебе (още за жените в културата). Архив на семейство Елисавета
и Христо Караминкови“ [And Your Hosband Will Rule over You. More about Women in Culture. (Archive of Family Elissaveta and Hristo Karaminkovi)]
by Nedka Kapralova
pp. 176–178
Radka Pencheva about „Йордан Йовков (1880–1937).
Летопис на неговия живот и творчество“ [Iordan Iovkov (1880–1937): Life and Works]
pp. 179–180
Anna Choleva-Dimitrova about the Book „Местните имена в Свищовско“ [Place Names in Svishtov Region] by Emilia Pernishka pp. 181–183
Ivona Karachorova about the Book „Магията на думите. Езиковедски
изследвания в чест на проф. д.ф.н. Лилия Крумова-Цветкова“
[The Magic of the Words. Festchrift Prof. Lilia Krumova-Tzvetkova]
pp. 184–186
Kamen Rikev about the Book „Podróz z nieznajoma. 33 wspólczesne opowiadania bulgarskie“ [A Trip with a Stranger. 33 modern Bulgarian stories translated in Polish] pp. 187–188
Veronika Kampf about the Edition of „Поручик Бенц“ by Dimitar Dimov
in German Language
pp. 189–190
Tatyana Ilieva about the Book „Наследството на отец Неофит Рилски:
изкуствоведски, богословски и филологически аспекти“
[The Heritage of Father Neophyte of Rila: Art Historical, Theological and Philological Aspects]
pp. 190–194

Our Authors

pp. 195–200