Issue 1-2/2011



Author of all articles in the central block of this issue is
Boian Valtchev


Bulgarian Language Most Important Problem in School pp. 8-10
To the ttention of the Minister of Education, Youth and Science
Groaning and oaning about Illiteracy wont help. Whats needed is a Strategy for Education and Effective Measures!
pp. 11-12
About the Bulgarian Language, Matriculation Exams,Tests and Many Other Things in High School pp. 13-32
Bulgarian Language in School and University pp. 33-36
From the History of Preparation for Starting to Implement State Matriculation Exams pp. 37-42
Matriculation Exams
A Specialists Opinion
pp. 43-44
More about the Matriculation Exams
What is the Role of the Matriculation Exams?
pp. 45-47
One Year of Matriculation Exams
Reflections on Major Problems in the Bulgarian Education
pp. 48-86
Facing a Bulgarian Language and Literature Test on the Eve of the Season of Examination Tests
Knowledge or skills, or just playing Lotto ... Dont turn childrens heads into a temporary Storage for useless knowledge!
pp. 87-105
Bulgarian Language and Bulgarian School
An Excerpt from the Plenary Report at the 2nd National Conference on Educational Problems, Kazanlak, 2628 May, 2005
pp. 106109
Education and Literary Language:Yesterdays and Todays Deficits pp. 110118
Education and the Bulgarian Literary Language pp. 119122
School, School Textbooks, the Language of Textbooks, the Bulgarian Literary Language pp. 123128
Literary Language: A Prerequisite for the Development and Creativity and a Result of the Development and Creativity of the Society pp. 129138
Dictations? ... Yes, Dictations!!! pp. 139140
Our Attitude toWritten Culture
Are Dictations Outdated and Primitive Teaching?
pp. 141145
Spelling, Punctuation, the School, All of Us
What We teach Children in School?
pp. 146154
Todays Textbooks are Useful Only for Teachers
We Force Students into Thinking Patterns by TellingThem Which Character is Good and Which One is Bad (Interview)
pp. 155157
Grammar not Earlier than 10th Grade pp. 158
In the Centr of the Periphery or Our Golden Cage pp. 159176
He is hanging on It ... with a Great Strength
The Discussion about Hristo Botevs Poem Vasil Levski
pp. 177179
15 Questions and 15 Answers about the Bulgarian Language and Its Scientific Aspects pp. 180201

Charles Coustille
History of Academic Plagiarism
pp. 202215
Tatyana Ilieva
About One Unconventional Usage of the Verb
pp. 216219


Mihail Videnov
on Malý česko-bulharský slovník nespisovné slovní zásobe by Janko Băčvarov and Collective
pp. 220222


pp. 237