Issue 1–2/2005





Boian Valtchev
Central Europe and the Bulgarian Culture
pp. 910
Milan Kundera
Kidnapping of the West
pp. 1125
Mihailo Pantich
Variations on Theme Danilo Kish and Central Europe
pp. 2630
Danilo Kish
Variations on Central European Themes
pp. 3142
Pavel Velikovski
Everything I Know about Central Europeanism
pp. 4348
Jozef Kroutvor
Difficulties with Central Europe
pp. 4974
Dobromir Grigorrov
Central Europe: The Way We are?
pp. 7583
Zoran Konstantinovic, Friedrun Rinner
Three Tradition Trends in the Central European Literary Discourse
pp. 8495
Boris Minkov
The Central Europe of Konstantinovic and Rinner
pp. 9698
Ani Burova
The Script of Utopia
pp. 99103
Boris Minkov
The Project Man of Central Europe
pp. 104114
Alfred Pfabigan
Freuds Middle Vienna
pp. 115132
Jacques le Rider
Central Europe? Attempt at a Short History of the Concept
pp. 133143
Jürgen Fröhlich
Between the World Policy and the World War: Friedrich Naumanns Concept of Central Europe
pp. 144153
Gottfried Heindl
Reality and Utopia. The Question of the Austrian Continuity in the Literature of the First Republic
pp. 154162

* * *

Julian Nakov
Chronotopy in the Literary Text
pp. 163176
Ivelina Savova
Clock, Calendar and Language
pp. 177191
Albena Vacheva
Modern Historiography and Literary History
pp. 192200
Polina Valcheva
A Postmodern Adult Tale
pp. 201205
Albena Bakracheva
Traditions and Individual Talent: Emerson and Toro
pp. 206221
Valentin Stoyanov
About the Interrelations between Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
pp. 222228
Georgy Bizhkov, Felianca Stoyanova, Emilia Evgenieva
Reading for Pleasure and Reading for Information
pp. 229248
Juliana Stoyanova
Youngsters Creativity and Learning of Bulgarian Language
pp. 247267

From the History of the Bulgarian Philology

Boian Valtchev
Bulgarian Language in Assistance to the Russian Army during the Crimean War
pp. 268284
Petar Vodenicharov
New Bulgarian and New Serbian Official Language between Church Tradition, National Ideologies and European Influences
pp. 285295
Vladimir Hantov
Do We know Our Predecessors Language Heritage?
pp. 296310

Book Reviews

Vladislav Milanov presents the Collection Laws of/about the Language pp.311312
Diana Ivanova on Bilingual Skills on the Bulgarian Territory XVXIX c. by N. Nikolova pp. 312315
Vanya Dobreva on Beyond Texts: Cultural Mechanisms of the Bulgarian Renaissance by R. Damyanova pp. 315319


Krasimira Koleva about the International Council of Slavic Studies Conference, Varna, September 2004 pp. 320322
Mihaela Kuzmova about an International Slavic Conference in Blagoevgrad, December 2004 pp. 322326
Avgusta Manoleva
Congratulations to the Institute for Bulgarian Language
p. 326

In memoriam

Ivaylo Petrov (19232005) pp. 327329
Yordan Penchev (19312005) p. 330

About the Authors

pp. 331335